About Us

After making the move, from Montreal to Seoul, and inspired by the Korean commitment to aesthetic, Mia Liamani launched Min&Mia. With great attention to detail and quality, Min&Mia brings you the ultimate in casual cool. All of our pieces are designed and made responsibly in Seoul. 

For girls on the go. For girls in the know. 

We make jewelry for the go-getters and the different. Comfortable with her flaws, and unapologetic about her strength, Min&Mia is for the gals that are dreaming big, and kicking butt on the daily. Wearing jewelry isn't only for special occasions, because everyday is worth celebrating yourself. 

We equate simplicity with versatility.

On point with trends, yet neutral enough to remain daily staples, our pieces are adaptable to customer’s personal charm, style and preference. Shopping with Min&Mia is easy and effortless.